2010 UFO Challenge

Patchwork Penquin has a challenge for January – October of 2010.

We list 10 of our UFOs, she then chooses a number 1-10 and then we work on that UFO to get it done within that month.  I am going to do this, but I am going to limit my UFOs to tops that need to be completed that do not have a due date before October (I have a few that need to be done in April &  May).  I will also put this list in my sidebar so that it is a constant reminder.

Here they are:

1.  Blue and Yellow

2. Designer Mystery 2008

3.  Fall’s New Hope

4.  Home For the Holidays

5.  Pink Lemonade

6.  Sparkling Gemstones

7. Yellow Brick Road

8. Summer Dance

9. Step It Up

10. Autumn BQ

I Need Professional Help

Before Christmas I had asked Santa (aka The Fat Quarter Shop) for the Glace Frosted Windowpane Quilt Kit from The Fat Quarter Shop.

Well, I didn’t win.  I was perusing the website (a really bad thing for me to do, I know).  I wasn’t even going to consider buying it when it was at regular price.  If I had won it, great, but I really didn’t need the new project.  Well… it is now 40% off.   Yep.  I bought it.  Since technically I ordered it before the new year, it is not interfering with my goal of  no new projects for a while.

I need help.  Professional Help.

My Oliso Iron

Last February, my husband got me an Oliso Iron for my anniversary.  It was an awesome gift.  (if your not a quilter, you wouldn’t understand the importance of an iron)  I don’t iron clothes, but I use an iron nearly every day when I quilt.  He bought  the iron after I burnt my arm badly on a traditional iron when it was standing up.

If you don’t know about the Oliso Iron, it sits down, but has little stands that pop up when you are done using them. Here is a video if you want to see it:

Well, at the beginning of the month, my iron just died.  It made a yucky burnt smell and then the next morning it just wouldn’t heat up.  I wrote the company to see what I could do (I had noticed on their site that they have a 1-year warranty).   They wrote back stating that if I sent the iron back, with the receipt, and an explanation, they would replace the iron.  WOW!  I was impressed.

Then I got to thinking, I never keep receipts.  Not unless we have bought the extended warranty on it.  I groaned.  Then I happend to think that it was probably bought on a specific credit card.  Called the company and nope… it wasn’t bought on the card.  Then I went through old bank records and called the bank to get the information to call the store to see if they could print a duplicate receipt.  Long story short, they were able to email me a electronic version of the receipt.

I wrote the customer service person back to ask if they would accept that form because that was all I could get.  He wrote back this morning and told me that not only would that be acceptable, I don’t have to mail in the old iron in.  He was sorry, but the model that I had wasn’t in stock (the Teflon coated iron), but he would mail me stainless steel iron instead.  I got a shipping notice that it will be here on the 29th!

I am not at all upset about the different iron – it was the one that I had wanted in the first place, but the exchange didn’t carry that version.  I can’t wait to get it because I keep scorching my iron table with a regular iron because I forget to stand it upright.

No snow here…

With all the photos of the snow around blogland, I thought I would share my forecast for the next few days.  We are “chilly” here too 😛


But I don’t think we will manage a “White Christmas” – unless you count the caps of waves as the come to shore.