Thirteen Reasons Why I Quilt


Thirteen Reasons I Quilt

1.   I like to fondle fabric.

2.  It makes me “loose myself” in the project.

3.  I create something beautiful.

4.  I can give a gift that is homemade.

5.  Gives me something to do with all the fabric I buy.

6.  When I finish a quilt I feel I can buy more fabric.

7.   I like to cut the fabric into smaller pieces, just to sew them back together again.

8.   I love to snuggle under a quilt that I have made.

9.   I love to see my kids under quilts I have made.

10. I love to use technical terms around my husband to see him squirm to figure out what they are.

11. It is great to hear “Mom, that is beautiful” when I am working on something new.

12.  I love to see what everyone has made at guild show-n-tell and on other’s blogs to give me ideas for future projects.

13. My grandmother and my mother both quilted and I feel more connected to them since they have passed.