Neptune’s Quilt

Yesterday, I had an all-day bee with my girlfriends. The main thing I worked on was my Neptune Quilt. I used charm squares and a honey bun to make this quilt. All the blocks were together, and half of the blocks were in the top when I started, but with talking and laughing and eating, It took me most of the day to finish the top. I blame it on the piano key border. That was a lot of little piano keys (60-ish each side) to sew together. I do love the way the top came together though.

14 thoughts on “Neptune’s Quilt

    • Thank you Kristin. The pattern was me just making using the fabric the way I bought it… a honey bun and some charm packs.

  1. What an adorable quilt that is, Kim. The simple pattern and the alternating setting really makes it pop. I hear you on piano key borders.

  2. Hi Kim – some one appears to have hijacked your FB account. I just had a very strange conversation with you…

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