Joen Wolfrom

HQG February meeting 002Joen Wolfrom was at my guild on Monday night.  Her lecture was very informative and insightful.  I will admit some of it eluded me when she was talking about it, but the next morning driving around looking at the colors in nature, it was like BOOM!  Where I saw the light hitting the grass and dew, and then where the shadows added black her explanations clicked.  I also saw the effect on the mountains through a golf course screen and it showed me the difference when adding different amounts of grey when I saw them without, with one and two layers of screen. 


I really want to get her 3-in-1 color tool. 

and possibly a few of her books:


Normally I wouldn’t solicit for gifts, but I definitely wouldn’t turn any of these down!  Though I am known for making jelly roll/charm square/etc. type quilts.  I would really love to branch out my skills and possibly delve into some more color-study quilts.

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  1. I have taken several classes from Joen and she is a delightful lady. I had a chance to visit with her in Houston last year at her JRW booth.

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