Jelly Roll Sampler – Quilt Along


I have decided to do this.  It will help me bust some stash and seems simple enough to get a couple of blocks done each month.  Plus, I can’t seem to say no to a new project.  The first block was posted yesterday.  If you want to join, click the above picture and you can make your own block.  I am sure you have an extra jelly roll (or two) that is sitting around waiting on you to use it.

Here is my first block.  I am using Kashmir III fabric.


I am trying to decide if I want to make a second using my Mary Englebriet Christmas Jelly Roll.  Stay Tuned for that decision.  :)

One thought on “Jelly Roll Sampler – Quilt Along

  1. oh you LUCKY girl! I’m doing this too..but I won’t be able to sit to sew till later today. Too many errands…oh and that DRATTED Science Fair project! I’m SO ready for the last kid to be in high school! (that being said…I;m not ready for him to be OUT of high school yet!) I love this jelly roll. I forget the name of the one I”m using, but its red/white/ blue..oh..and Mary E is my absolute FAV in the world! Ask my family :the QUEEN has spoken!

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