State of the Stash – Week 10


Purchased:   yardage
Heartland Heritage BOM .5
Pineapples – leaves and inner border 2.75
Baby Quilt 1.75
Baby quilt binding .5
baby quilt backing 8
Week Total  7.5
YTD Total 47


Used:  Yardage
Blue and Yellow Binding 1
Weedwhacker Star Binding 1
Sweet Treasures Binding 1
Designer Mystery 2008 Binding 1
Pumped Pumpkins binding 1
Triple Scoop Binding 1
Friendship Star Binding 1
Japanese Jigsaw Binding 1
Merry Go Round binding 1
Another binding 1
Designer Mystery 200 block .5
Emma’s Legacy – Strips 10
Baby Quilt 1.75
Week Total 22.75
YTD Total 51

      Net Total <-4 yards>

I got a lot done this last weekend at retreat.  Mostly,I prepped bindings the first day.  I forgot my sewing machine so I got everything cut and pressed.  Carla let me use her machevery once in a while so I could finish them.

Max brought me my machine the second day so I finished the bindings and then worked on my Emma’s legacy strips sewn together.  Today I got one block from my Designer Mystery 2009 done.  We didn’t have a lot of time to sew so I didn’t get much done.

I will post photos this week from retreat.