Photos from Retreat


hqg retreat 035

This was the view when we stepped out onto the lanai.  Just gorgeous.  I can’t wait to go back to retreat. I forgot to take a picture of the area that we were in.

I forgot my sewing machine.  Luckily my husband brought it up to me the next morning.  Because of that I was able to get 11 bindings prepped for when the quilts are quilted.

hqg retreat 002


This is Noelle.  She got four of these pineapple pillowcases made for a gift.  She even put cording around them and a zipper.  Wow.  I would have never gotten even one done.



hqg retreat 019

This was Carla’s second project she was working on.  Lovely purples and such.






hqg retreat 018

Lara worked on this quilt.  She was in another of the cabins. 






hqg retreat 021

Rowena worked on her quilt from Joen Wolfram’s Fantasia class she took last month.






hqg retreat 023

Jean worked on this quilt.  She was in another cabin.






hqg retreat 025

Sue worked on this quilt for her husband’s retirement.






hqg retreat 033

Stacy – the one in the green – worked on several little projects.  I couldn’t take a picture fast enough to get  some of the things she was working on.




hqg retreat 027

Stacy’s mom worked on this Yellow Brick Road in aloha prints.  She was visiting Stacy so they came to retreat together. 





hqg retreat 028

Susan worked on this commission piece.  It was darling.  A lady hired her to take all the baby’s 1-year old clothes and put them in a quilt.  She saved parts with pockets, buttons, etc.  She has to add borders on it.



hqg retreat 029

Susan also made this little wall hanging.  She has a pull-out pantry shelf.  In Hawaii, the houses are so small you have to get inventive with your storage.  The pantry shelves are set in and rolls out to give access.  She made this to go on the end.



hqg retreat 010

Our friend Sue’s husband will be retiring next month and she will be going back to the mainland.  Our bee (The Sassy S&B Pin-up Quilters) makes a quilt for those who move away since a good portion of the original members were military spouses and it would be inevitable that they moved (unless you were like Stacy and you just bought a house here and retired here).  Our quilt for Sue had to be a Sunbonnet Sue quilt.  Each of us made a block for the quilt.  Some of us even personalized them even more to make them more like ourselves.


Since I can now show it – this is the block I made for her quilt.  She is absolutely in love with Disney – so I made her disney balloons.  I am also known for always wearing lime green, slippahs, and shorts.  I also had to put my peach tattoo on the girl.