Hearth & Home BOM – Month 2

I worked on Hearth and Home Block of the month today as well.

I did blocks 3 & 4.

The first block I completed turned out quite well.  Again, my pictures are fuzzy for some reason.


I also thought my second block came out ok.  I kept messing up on it, but nothing more than turned patches. 


Or so I thought.

Until I stacked them on top of one another to put them away…


That is a good 3/4” discrepancy in the block.  It measures less than 11” square.  I don’t know what happened.  I guess I will have to call The Fat Quarter Shop to see if I can get another block mailed to me.

Sewing Rituals

Ravelly wanted to know our sewing rituals so here goes mine:

flip flops1.  I always sew barefoot.  No matter the weather.  Since living here in Hawaii, it has been easier to get my shoes on and off, especially since I wear “slippahs” all the time. Even at sewing bees and retreats… off go the shoes.  I only wear them to go to the bathroom and outside.


Plastic Totes2.  When I go to sewing bees or retreats, I have to take a LOT of projects.  I never know what I want to work on, so I take a lot of things.  So much that I get teased about it.  I never take just one or two items, usually about 2-4 projects for a short be, 4-5 for a long bee, up to 10 for a two-day retreat.  I may get bored you know.  It isn’t like I don’t have a ton of projects to choose from that I am currently working on, ya know?


004015kcj 3. I always have background noise in the room I am in at home.  Sometimes, it is my Ipod on the dock, but usually it is the TV.  The TV is set to a movie I have seen 1,000 times or old CSI reruns on SPIKE. 


image.php 4.  I have a little home-made iron stand (from an old tv tray) with my Oliso Iron and a bottle of Best Press next to me.  This is home and away.  I don’t like big ironing stands and they take up too much room anyway.  The Best Press stuff is awesome if you haven’t tried it yet.  I need to find out how much it is to ship a gallon here – it may just save me money in the long-run.


to-do-list-pad 5.  I have to make a list of what I need to accomplish in the sewing room otherwise, I will get distracted and work on something totally off the wall or even start a new project.  I don’t always follow the list, but at least it is there and I feel better about trying at least.

Couldn’t Wait

I couldn’t wait on the fabric I ordered.  I found something in my stash for the centers of each block.  I don’t know if the fabric in the picture will make it for the corners or not.

I tell you, this quilt is going to make my eyes bleed and test my patience… it is SOOO out of my comfort zone.