Designer Mystery 2009

Today I worked on my Designer Myster 2009 blocks from The Fat Quarter Shop.  I dug out my completed blocks, blocks that were still in the kits that came from the store.  I ascertained what I needed to do.  I had NO clue as to where I left of on this project.

Completed Blocks: 9 – Months One through Nine

Blocks in Kit form: 2 – Months Eleven and Twelve.

Utoh!  Month 10 is missing.  From my recollection this was a very difficult block.  I don’t even know what I did with the kit for it.  I found some started pieces, but no clue as to where the rest was – even the directions.  A quick call to the store and they are going to send me out a new block.

It took me the good part of the day to complete two of these blocks, so here they are:

Block Eleven:


Block Twelve:


I even found my instructions to block ten.  That one will be saved for another day because it is a real bugger! 

Tomorrow, unless a miracle happens, I won’t get to sew at all.  I have guild stuff to do, I have to get my car safety inspected, and I have to go grocery shopping.

Monday Milestones

Last week I started a new thing, Monday Milestones.  I think instead of monthly goals, I need to have a few weekly goals.


The first week went well.  Out of the four goals I set for myself, I accomplished 3.

To recap, my goals for last week were:

1.  Finish quilting my “Pumped Pumpkins” quilt. I not only finished quilting it, I got it mostly bound too.  I have one long side to go.

2.  Work on my Chinese Lanterns Quilt.  I did not get to work on these at all. 

3.  Complete my Heartland Heritage Blocks.  Not only did I get the four blocks done that I needed to finish, I got the top almost put together.

4.  Organize my sewing room. I woke up really early on Friday morning (2:30am) and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I decided instead of watching TV or surfing the internet, I would clean my room.  I got it all nice and cleaned (minus vacuuming because it was still too early and my family was asleep).

This week’s goals:

1.  Complete Hartland Heritage top.

2.  Finish binding Pumped Pumpkins

3. Quilt Friendship Braid

4. Finish the 3 blocks for the Designer Mystery 2009.

5. Make charmed tote.

Heartland Heritage BOM

A while back, I joined the Heartland Heritage Block of the month from The Fat Quarter Shop.  I received a block kit a month and while I started out good, it quickly went by the wayside and I just put the blocks away when I got them.


For the last few months, when I went to “The Tuesday Bee”,  I would cut the blocks out so that when I had a few minutes to sew, I wouldn’t have to worry about cutting first.

Today I decided that I would finally get the blocks done.  I had four to sew; blocks 3, 5, 8 and 11.

Here are all the blocks:


Block 1



Block 2



Block 3



Block 4



Block 5



Block 6



Block 7



Block 8



Block 9



Block 10



Block 11



Block 12

A Sneak Peak

One of my goals this week was to quilt my “Pumped Pumpkins” wall hanging.

I managed to get some of it quilted during my last bee, but had to stop when I didn’t bring one color of thread for the outside border.

I finished quilting it today.

Here is a sneak peak until it is bound, hopefully by the end of the weekend.