Lantern Quilt

Yesterday, I mentioned that I started (yet another) new project, Chinese Lanterns.

Our guild has a secret pal program that runs 4-6 months, and you send a small gift to your pall each month.  My secret pal, sent me a jelly roll (way more than the amount your supposed to spend!!) but I really appreciate it. Thank you again Ellen!

traditions roll up 

It is the Kaufman Oriental Traditions Roll-up.  It comes with 6 strips of Radiance – a cotton/silk blend.  I wanted to find a pattern that would set those off.]

I was thumbing through my new book:


The lantern pattern is in there – but slightly different than what I am ending up with.




I do have a question though.  I am making about 28 lantern blocks (that is al that can make with the amount of accent strips that I have.

I won some fabric from the shop hop that was two weeks ago and I wonder if it will make a good border fabric – it is the red fabric.  Does it look good or should I look for something else?  Should I wait to see what it looks like with more blocks made?  Opinions wanted please!!