Monday Milestones – 9/27

Last week’s goals

  1. Cut batting for and sandwich Fall BQ
  2. Quilt “Home for the Holidays”
  3. Finish piecing “Merry Go round” – The only thing done was it got laid out on my design wall.
  4. Make 2nd Charm bag – Done! It turned out really cute too!
  5. Finish catching up on “Hearth & Home” blocks.

I had forgotten that I needed to make some BOM blocks for guild tonight and so that got added and done early.  I made four sets, eight blocks.  Four for the “kitty” and four for Na Lima Aloha (my guild’s charity group).

This week’s goals

1.  Work on “Merry Go Round”

2. Sandwich “Triple Scoop”

3.  Finish that dang-blasted last block for the 2009 Designer Mystery!

I think I have been too ambitious the last few weeks.  More “not done” than “done”.  My sinuses have been really bothering me so I think just another “light” week will be the ticket.  Tonight is guild night, so today will be spent getting my things ready for guild and doing some VeeP duties.

On a Merry Go Round

One of my goals this week is to complete my Merry Go Round top (among other things).  I think I thought I was MUCH further along that I actually was.

After struggling for 30 minutes (by myself in a much too small space) to put up my portable design wall, I finally got it up and dug out the box containing this project.

I was disappointed.  A WHOLE bunch of triangles set into threes and only four rows (one half of the hexagon is one row) of the quilt put into a top.  This is how far I got to laying it out before I had to take a break.


I don’t remember how many rows this is supposed to be but I don’t think I will complete it this week.  I think I might be lucky if I can get it laid out by the end of today.

Does anyone know the name of the fabric line (it is about two-years old)?  I doubt if I can find any more of it, but I don’t think I ever bought backing or binding for this.  The backing I am not so worried about, but the binding, I would like to try and find a yard of it.

Another “Charmed” Bag and Mail’s Here!


I just had to make another one of the bags that my friend Holly taught us earlier in the month.  I kept perusing charm packs online and nothing really struck my fancy.  Last week, while I was at one of my LQS’s (The Quilt Hut), they actually had a couple of these “Happy” jelly rolls.  Before I knew it, one was in my shopping bag and I was on my way home with it.

I thought about it and decided to make another bag.  This one is a little bit smaller than the one with charm squares, but I like the size. It is just perfect to put my laptop in with some room for a book or two and a few other items without being too squished.

The mail came today with some great treats for me that I can’t wait to play with it…


Six different colors of dye (2 reds, two blues, and two yellows), some soda ash, and a drop cloth.  I also have some dye books coming too.

Oops, I forgot!

When making my list for the week, I forgot that the guild meeting is on Monday.  I like to participate in the Block of the Month drawing.  We make sets of two blocks each month.  The first block of the set goes into a drawing for a winner (or more than one if there are a lot of blocks!) and the second block goes to Na Lima Aloha (The Hands of Love) – our charity quilting project.

I forgot to put on my list of “to do” items to make a set of blocks (or two, three, or four).  I usually dig through my scraps area to see what I have to make any blocks.  I won’t go buy anything, but my scrap stash is quite large, so I generally can make at least one set of blocks.  The scrap stash consists of half-yard or smaller pieces of fabric – mostly from years ago when I participated in online swaps.


I found enough blues to make four sets of blocks for the block of the Month.