Monday Milestones: 9/13

Last week’s goals

1.  Quilt “Home for the Holidays” – Um… yea.  This didn’t happen.  I didn’t even take it down from the spot on the shelf.  I think this was probably for the best since I really do need to match thread.

2.  Fix “Dotty” blocks that are messed up.  This didn’t happen. 

3.  Catch up on “Hearth & Home BOM”  There are 8 of these I am behind on; get as many done as I can. I got three sewed.  I did cut out all of them though.  The fourth one I worked on I sewed twice, so that should count, right?

4.  Piece Last Designer Mystery 2010 block.  This didn’t happen either.

5.  Piece Designer Mystery 2010 top.  Yea… not this one since #4 didn’t happen.

Monday was a holiday, so I didn’t do much – hung with the family.  Tuesday, I had a bad day.  Wednesday, I cut all 8 blocks out for the Hearth & Home BOM that I had.  Thursday I sewed three of my blocks.  Friday, I was too tired to do anything, and what I did do, I messed up on.  Saturday, I machine quilted quilts for our guild’s charity. 

This week’s goals

1  Cut out at least 4 Simply Sophisticated BOM months (This will be done at the Tuesday Bee)

This is the only thing I am going to have on my goal list for this week.  We are getting tented for termites on Thursday.  Not only do I have to get everything ready, but we will be out of our house for two days.  The good news is since we are in military housing, they have to pay for our hotel and food since we are being displaced.