Fabric Dying Class

  Up until now, while I have wanted to learn how to dye my own fabrics, I have avoided any classes.  First, I  figured it would be too messy for being in military housing.  Second, I didn’t want to fall into wanting to do this as it is another facet of quilting that is expensive.

I succeeded until Sunday, when my guild held a fabric dyeing class. I had a ton of fun.  I forgot my camera so no pictures during the class.

We did three different types.

First a single-color gradation:


Yea.  Big surprise that I chose green.  But this isn’t lime green at least 😉 — 2 parts Electric Blue, 1 part lemon yellow, 1 part golden yellow.

Then we did a two-color gradation:


I did Fire Red to Turquoise.  I did mess up a bit on my “recipe” for the gradation, but I think it turned out good anyway.  I really love the second one from the right (I just will have to play a bit to find the recipe again).

Then we did the technique where we pour the dyes on top of the fabric and then put the soda ash on top of that.  It was used using plain muslin.  The color is nice, but I used Bright Orange and Golden Yellow.  It ended up more solid than I had wanted – oh well, I will learn.


I am about to order more dyes from Dharma and hope I can get it to where my shipping costs are cheaper than my product costs.  Right now, $25 of product is $25 to ship.

2 thoughts on “Fabric Dying Class

  1. LOL, I too am in the same boat as you originally thinking. I would love to play with color and dyes, but the cost and mess for me don’t justify the ends….crosses my fingers I don’t have to attend a class otherwise I might follow your lead 🙂 Your works turned out gorgeous!

    • Toni – the mess was very minimal the way I was taught, though I will probably still do it outside in my back yard on a table.

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