Another “Charmed” Bag and Mail’s Here!


I just had to make another one of the bags that my friend Holly taught us earlier in the month.  I kept perusing charm packs online and nothing really struck my fancy.  Last week, while I was at one of my LQS’s (The Quilt Hut), they actually had a couple of these “Happy” jelly rolls.  Before I knew it, one was in my shopping bag and I was on my way home with it.

I thought about it and decided to make another bag.  This one is a little bit smaller than the one with charm squares, but I like the size. It is just perfect to put my laptop in with some room for a book or two and a few other items without being too squished.

The mail came today with some great treats for me that I can’t wait to play with it…


Six different colors of dye (2 reds, two blues, and two yellows), some soda ash, and a drop cloth.  I also have some dye books coming too.

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