On a Merry Go Round

One of my goals this week is to complete my Merry Go Round top (among other things).  I think I thought I was MUCH further along that I actually was.

After struggling for 30 minutes (by myself in a much too small space) to put up my portable design wall, I finally got it up and dug out the box containing this project.

I was disappointed.  A WHOLE bunch of triangles set into threes and only four rows (one half of the hexagon is one row) of the quilt put into a top.  This is how far I got to laying it out before I had to take a break.


I don’t remember how many rows this is supposed to be but I don’t think I will complete it this week.  I think I might be lucky if I can get it laid out by the end of today.

Does anyone know the name of the fabric line (it is about two-years old)?  I doubt if I can find any more of it, but I don’t think I ever bought backing or binding for this.  The backing I am not so worried about, but the binding, I would like to try and find a yard of it.