Monday Milestones – 9/27

Last week’s goals

  1. Cut batting for and sandwich Fall BQ
  2. Quilt “Home for the Holidays”
  3. Finish piecing “Merry Go round” – The only thing done was it got laid out on my design wall.
  4. Make 2nd Charm bag – Done! It turned out really cute too!
  5. Finish catching up on “Hearth & Home” blocks.

I had forgotten that I needed to make some BOM blocks for guild tonight and so that got added and done early.  I made four sets, eight blocks.  Four for the “kitty” and four for Na Lima Aloha (my guild’s charity group).

This week’s goals

1.  Work on “Merry Go Round”

2. Sandwich “Triple Scoop”

3.  Finish that dang-blasted last block for the 2009 Designer Mystery!

I think I have been too ambitious the last few weeks.  More “not done” than “done”.  My sinuses have been really bothering me so I think just another “light” week will be the ticket.  Tonight is guild night, so today will be spent getting my things ready for guild and doing some VeeP duties.