Have You Checked Your Wheels Lately?


I couldn’t figure out why my chair wouldn’t roll very well.  I do have carpet, but in my sewing room, I have a plastic chair mat so I don’t ruin the carpet.

I flipped it over to look and OH MY GOODNESS!!!

All this came out from the wheels:


It took me a while to get that out.  I also didn’t get it all – but most of it.  Some of the threads I don’t even remember using.

I am going to need to check my wheels more often.  Like once a year – lol.

So just a friendly reminder… don’t wait until your chair stops rolling well before you check it.  You might be really surprised!

Full Circle

Last night at guild I was surprised with a quilt:


One of the ladies returned this to me.

A little back ground –

A few years ago when the Fab Shop Hop was new, I won a prize, four 1-yard cuts of fabric.  I made this little top (yes there are only three here, I was planning on using one of them for the back).  After the top was made, I wasn’t sure about it.  I was new to quilting and I had NO idea how to quilt it.  Then once I quilted it, what to do with it afterwards.  The top was made in Denver circa 2002.  It has lived in three different states:  Denver, Washington, and now Hawaii.

Fast forward to this past June.  Our guild holds an annual auction of sewing items – basically you clear out your unwanted sewing room items and then you bid on others.  I cleared out Several old tops that I would never quilt.  This one was one of them.  Sometimes, you can find really good deals.  Dawn P. from the guild bid on a stack of items and this happened to be on one.

Again, fast forward to last night.  Dawn P. took a machine quilting class and wanted a top to practice on.  She happened to remember that she got this top at the June Auction.  She didn’t know whose it had been, but she brought it to guild last night hoping to find out who had made it.  She wanted to return it.

I was absolutely stunned.  Thank you Dawn.  I guess this quilt was destined to stay with me – from winning the fabric to you returning it to me.

Monday Milestones – 10/25

Last week’s goals

  1. Dye yellow and orange FQs. This is all I got accomplished this week.
  2. Quilt Halloween topper.
  3. Finish fixing “dotty”

Hubby was home a lot because he was prepping for a short trip (two weeks).  So I spent time with him instead of sewing.

This week I should get a lot done after Thursday because I am going on retreat for the weekend.  I can’t wait.

This week’s goals

  1. Pack for retreat
  2. Work on Hand-Dyed pineapples
  3. Work on Batik Pineapples
  4. Make some treat bags
  5. Work on Simply Sophisticated
  6. Work on 2009 Designer Mystery
  7. Work on Lantern Quilt

Dyeing Another Day


Today I dyed my orange fat quarters for the same project I dyed my green fat quarters for.  I carefully set up my station:


I found these clear lawn trash bags at the commissary and had been taking them to my monthly bee because they were the only thing that would fit the trash cans at the community center.  Now that we moved to another room, I don’t have to bring my own trash bags, these were just extra.  They are perfect “drop cloths” for my counter.  They fit just perfectly on the large end of my island by my kitchen sink.  I found that if I wipe the counter just before and leave it slightly damp, the plastic sticks to the counter just enough to not allow the bag to move much.  I also found that I can stick my little “cheat sheet” for what dye is in each of my bottles, so I am not constantly trying to find my sheet and worrying about it getting to damp or dyed up to read.

I also purchased two sizes of the shaker bottles- six that hold two cups total of liquid and six that hold four cups of dye.  These are great to mix the dye in.  It also allows me to shake the dye up just before using so I can doubly check that it is all dissolved. 

I would also have to say those measuring cups are awesome – I love the angled area that allows you to read the measurement while looking down on it.


Here are my dyes all ready to be mixed into different proportions to become the beautiful fat quarters below:


I took my leftover dyes and poured it on some WOF quarter-yard pieces.  These might become my bindings for the quilt.  I absolutely love the texture on it.