Monday Milestones – 10/4

Last week’s goals

1.  Work on “Merry Go Round” – I did get a few rows put together.  I also did finalize the layout and made up for the missing half-block.  I also decided to add a few more triangles to the ends.  I also decided to try a technique that was “spotlighted” at my guild on Monday night:  DSCF3040

Basically, you take an index card and punch two holes in it.  Then you stick the pin through it.  Worked well for this quilt.  I will say that I was dreading 11 different sections to take to the sewing machine to try to keep them in order to put them in the right direction. 

2. Sandwich “Triple Scoop Um… Yea…. didn’t happen.

3.  Finish that dang-blasted last block for the 2009 Designer Mystery!  Not this either!

This week’s goals

1.  Finish “Merry Go Round” Top.  I think I will just focus on this top this week.  I have my bee on Saturday and I need to take my design wall with me for my bee participants to use if they need to.  So this needs to get done!!  I have only 6 more rows to sew together (and one set of two, the units are together, and they just need to be sewn to each other.  I ran out of bobbin thread and then had to leave).  I also have to trim and then put a stay-stitch around it and press it nicely.

I found that I had binding fabric already for this so one less headache that I have to worry about.  I think I might just dye some blue fabric to go on the back – but that won’t happen till the kids go back to school.  They are out for fall break – until the 12th.  It will be nice to sleep in and not really have to deal with homework for a week.

One thought on “Monday Milestones – 10/4

  1. This is going to be a fabulous quilt when it’s done. It looks like a hard one to keep the pieces together, I feel for you. Just keep looking at the big picture and remember how beautiful it will be when finished.

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