I must be crazy…

I have always wanted to do a “Blooming 9 Patch” Quilt.

I was messing around on eq7 tonight and came up with this:


Wouldn’t this look lovely in hand-dyes?

I showed it to my husband.  He said – “yep.  it would look lovely in about 5 years when you are finished…”

he is so true.

Did I mention it will be king size.  with 3” finished blocks?

Maybe I will buy the PFD for myself for Christmas and start on it in the new year.

New Dye Colors

I got some new dye colors in today. 

better blackBetter Black


bright greenBright Green

chinese redChinese Red

cobalt blueCobalt Blue

deep orangeDeep Orange

golden yellowGolden Yellow

grape Grape

jet blackJet Black

kelly green Kelly Green

new black New Black

To add with the colors I already had:

bright yellow Bright Yellow

 electric blue Electric Blue

fire red Fire Red

 fuschia red Fuchsia Red

lemon yellow Lemon Yellow

turquoise Turquoise

I also bought some new measuring cups and measuring spoons, squirt bottles, shaker bottles, and a big tub to corral everything.

I have 5 yards of mercerized PFD cotton and 5 yards of Moda PFD cotton.

I have ziploc bags.  I have soda ash.

Now all I need is TIME TO DYE MY FABRICS!!!

The kids are out of school until Tuesday of next week. I can’t wait to dye some fabric!!