I must be crazy…

I have always wanted to do a “Blooming 9 Patch” Quilt.

I was messing around on eq7 tonight and came up with this:


Wouldn’t this look lovely in hand-dyes?

I showed it to my husband.  He said – “yep.  it would look lovely in about 5 years when you are finished…”

he is so true.

Did I mention it will be king size.  with 3” finished blocks?

Maybe I will buy the PFD for myself for Christmas and start on it in the new year.

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I am a mom of two that now resides in San Antonio area. I moved from Hawaii a year ago. I am a full-time student that works part time at the college I attend as a work-study. When I have time, I quilt, make jewelry, and now craft with my new silhouette cameo cutter.
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10 Responses to I must be crazy…

  1. Toni says:

    Yep, you have gone off the deep end!! LOL I like the style of the blooming 9 patch, but never seen one that really looks “good”. Now this would be striking done in hand dyes…but the 1 1/2″ blocks to make 3″ patches would be a bit batty :) Good luck!

  2. Jackie says:

    Yes, that would be wonderful in hand dyes!! But I think that I would be much like your husband states. It would definitely take me that long especially if I was dying my own fabric.

  3. Jenni says:

    Wow! That would take me eons, but it would be gorgeous! I wish I had the time to take on something like that, good luck if you do;)

    • Kim says:

      Jenni – I think I will give myself a deadline to have it done and quilted before we move from Hawaii in just under three years.

  4. barbara says:

    Batiks would look good as well… what a lovely design,

    • Kim says:

      Barbara – yes, batik would look nice as well. But since I am fascinated with hand-dyes lately, I want to use hand-dyes that I do myself.

  5. Tazzie says:

    Kim, it’s just lovely, definitely a must make!

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