Monday Milestones – 10/11


Last week’s goals

1.  Finish “Merry Go Round” Top.   DONE!!!  YEA!!  The top is done!

I finished the top finally!  Can you tell I am estatic? 

I also finished a few other things.  I managed to make two little treat bags (picture later).  I also made a small table-topper for Halloween for my table and got it sandwiched.  I also got 8 lanterns done for my lantern quilt and 22 more stripped and ready for the corner pieces.

Thise week’s goals

  1. Sandwich Halloween Topper
  2. Quilt and Bind Halloween topper.
  3. Work on lantern quilt
  4. Work on Hearth & Home.

Something else I might work on this week is testing out some dyes for a new project.  Not the “blooming nine patch”, but another I wanted to work on.

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