Dye Experiment #1 – Light and Dark Greens

Ok.  I am insane.  You all knew it.  But to say it out loud is something else.

I did my first at-home dyeing experiment today. 

I dyed sixteen 11×11 pieces of fabric in varying shades of green.  Why green you ask?  Well, I am going to be making a quilt with my friend JoAnne soon and it calls for 6 light greens, 6 dark greens,  6  light and 6 dark orangey yellows (this experiment will be done on Thursday hopefully).

Here is how they came out of the washer and got pressed:


I was ooohing and aahhing as each one emerged after being pressed. A lovely array of greens.  A couple of them were a bit too olive-y for me, but for the project I will be working on, some of the lighter ones will be good.

And here they are in the order they were dyed (right to left):

DSCF3183Number 13 has to be my favorite one (no big surprise there) and numbers 10 and 16 coming a close second.  Number 5 turned out better than I expected, and number 4 is a nice blue-spruce color.  Numbers 1, 2, and 3 were very close in color, but since number 1 is Kelly Green, Number 3 is Bright Green, and number 2 is an even mixture between the two.  I am sure if I put numbers 1 and 3 next to each other, there would be more of a difference.

Things I have learned from today (in no particular order):

  • must have music on to help calm my nerves.  I shaked while pouring the dye into the teaspoon/tablespoon measurements that I had.
  • 1 cup prepared of each dye color was WAY too much.  Especially since I had three yellows and 2 greens that I was working with.   I also made way too much black (only 1/4 cup) – only used 1/4 teaspoon of it.
  • For small amounts of dye color, the shaker containers I bought for it was overkill.  It was nice to be able to shake the dyes to make sure they were mixed well and again right before using them, but maybe I should get the smaller ones for making small amounts of dye vs the 4 cup versions.
  • I need to get some of the medical gloves instead of the dishwashing gloves.  Right off the bat when I was cutting open the soda ash to mix it, I cut a hole in one of my gloves.  I didn’t have another pair of gloves, so I just tried not to use that hand much.  I ended up needing to bleach that hand when I was done.  Plus, the dishwasher gloves are clumsy because they never fit really well.
  • I liked the ability to mark directly on my fabric with sharpie the number so that I can replicate the colors later.  I also had pre-made some dyeing note sheets ( I will share it in another post).
  • I absolutely need more ziploc bags.  I only had enough to do 16.  If I would have had more, I would have made the oranges today too and not wasted all that yellow dye down the drain.

All –in-all a good experiment.  I can’t wait to do my orangey-yellows.