Fabric Dyeing

I am addicted.  Plain and simple.

Friday, I sat and planned my day.  I knew I had to be done with whatever I wanted to dye (at least the actual dyeing and not the curing time) by eleven am.  That would give me enough time to mop my kitchen floor before the maintenance guys came at one to fix some various items around the house. While they were working, I could cut up my veggies for stirfry for dinner that night.  Then at four, when they were due to be gone, I could rinse the fabrics out and have them all nicely pressed before company came over for dinner at 5:30 and I had to start cooking.

I accomplished a lot.   I got my green FQs dyed that I tested for the other day (will post later because they are out in the car right now).  I also tested oranges (again, photo later). 

I also dyed a 3-yard piece for the back of the quilt that the greens and oranges will go for.  This was a total experiment.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do other than use my leftover dyes.  I soaked the piece in soda ash.  I then kinda scrunched it up and put it in a jumbo ziploc bag.  I then just poured dye on it.  I started with the three yellows I had.  (I had to dilute them a bit because I didn’t have a lot of each left).  I then poured the orange and then the two greens.  At last thought I poured my Chinese Red on it.


I am happy with it.  I am a little upset there is not as much green in it as I had hoped. 

One thought on “Fabric Dyeing

  1. I love it but if you want more green you could always toss it back into some green dye or crunch it up and pour green over it…

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