Green FQs

So last week when I was dying my yellow/orange samples, I also dyed my green FQs for the project.


All but one came out ok.  (the fourth from the right).  I don’t know if I got distracted while measuring dye or what.  I will have to do another because that one sticks out like a sore thumb.  I did use different fabric from the testing.  I used a mercerized cotton for the testing and Moda PFD for the FQs.  I know that that has some effect.  I do prefer the hand of the moda fabric over the mercerized cotton.

This weeks’ plan is to do my orange/yellow FQs to get ready to sew with JoAnn our project that we are going to do together next week.

About Kim

I am a mom of two that now resides in San Antonio area. I moved from Hawaii a year ago. I am a full-time student that works part time at the college I attend as a work-study. When I have time, I quilt, make jewelry, and now craft with my new silhouette cameo cutter.
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