Full Circle

Last night at guild I was surprised with a quilt:


One of the ladies returned this to me.

A little back ground –

A few years ago when the Fab Shop Hop was new, I won a prize, four 1-yard cuts of fabric.  I made this little top (yes there are only three here, I was planning on using one of them for the back).  After the top was made, I wasn’t sure about it.  I was new to quilting and I had NO idea how to quilt it.  Then once I quilted it, what to do with it afterwards.  The top was made in Denver circa 2002.  It has lived in three different states:  Denver, Washington, and now Hawaii.

Fast forward to this past June.  Our guild holds an annual auction of sewing items – basically you clear out your unwanted sewing room items and then you bid on others.  I cleared out Several old tops that I would never quilt.  This one was one of them.  Sometimes, you can find really good deals.  Dawn P. from the guild bid on a stack of items and this happened to be on one.

Again, fast forward to last night.  Dawn P. took a machine quilting class and wanted a top to practice on.  She happened to remember that she got this top at the June Auction.  She didn’t know whose it had been, but she brought it to guild last night hoping to find out who had made it.  She wanted to return it.

I was absolutely stunned.  Thank you Dawn.  I guess this quilt was destined to stay with me – from winning the fabric to you returning it to me.