Have You Checked Your Wheels Lately?


I couldn’t figure out why my chair wouldn’t roll very well.  I do have carpet, but in my sewing room, I have a plastic chair mat so I don’t ruin the carpet.

I flipped it over to look and OH MY GOODNESS!!!

All this came out from the wheels:


It took me a while to get that out.  I also didn’t get it all – but most of it.  Some of the threads I don’t even remember using.

I am going to need to check my wheels more often.  Like once a year – lol.

So just a friendly reminder… don’t wait until your chair stops rolling well before you check it.  You might be really surprised!

2 thoughts on “Have You Checked Your Wheels Lately?

  1. I actually cleaned mine in March at a retreat. I was driving along in my car with my chair upside down in the passenger seat, when I looked over and saw quite a mess in those wheels.

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