Monday Milestones–11/08

Ahem.  I missed last week’s milestones report.  I was too pooped from retreat and Halloween that I forgot it was Monday, much less remembered to post.

So, without further adieux:

Last week’s  Two Weeks ago’s goals

  1. Pack for retreat Done! I packed for retreat and only forgot one thing: my personal iron – not bad I think!
  2. Work on Hand-Dyed pineapples Done! I got all the wonky flying geese portions and all the tops of the pineapples done.  I am starting to put them together.
  3. Work on Batik Pineapples I picked out background fabrics for them, does this count?
  4. Make some treat bags Done!  I made fourteen mini treat bags and filled them with candy for my retreat mates.
  5. Work on Simply Sophisticated Nope.
  6. Work on 2009 Designer Mystery Not this one either.
  7. Work on Lantern Quilt I actually completed most of the top for this one; I still have to add one more border for this one.

All this was done during the retreat, except finishing the tops of the hand-dyed pineapples and putting a few of them together.

This Week’s goals

1.  Finish Hand-dyed pineapple top.

2.  Work on Simply Sophisticated.