Tiny Holiday Treats

Monica of Happy Zombie designed the bags Tiny Treats in a Quilts in More magazine.

I made some for my retreat buddies Halloween weekend, but I also had to make some for the ladies that come to my bee for the “holiday” party.  I filled them with things like m&m’s, life savors, kit kats, twix, and a ferrero rocher.  Nothing horribly exciting, but just a small token of how much I appreciate each of the ladies who come and make the Sassy Bee a fun place and that I look forward to hosting every month because of them!


I made 19 bags.  17 people RSVP’d that they were coming to the December bee.  While it is an open (to the quilt guild) bee, I like to know how many to expect to come. 

Since I am writing this the day before, I am hoping that I have enough, and won’t have to disappoint anyone that didn’t RSVP to let me know they were coming so they could get one too.  When this posts, the bee will be coming to a close. 

For those of you who did not make it, we missed you, and will see you in the new year at the January bee.  I will post pictures (hopefully) Sunday about the bee.  We are doing a pot-luck dinner and a small gift exchange.

For those who were interested, these were my milestone to get completed of “Other gifts”

4 thoughts on “Tiny Holiday Treats

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Kim – and I love the Mele Kalikimaka touch on them! I was tickled to read you’re a Navy family in Hawaii… I’m ex-Navy and I was stationed at Pearl (back in the 90’s). Happy squidy Holidays!

    • Your very welcome Monica! It is such a cute pattern and lends itself to SO many possibilities. If I can get it together after the new year, I will be making a valentine’s one for each of my kid’s classes (24 in each class). Or maybe just one for each teacher… lol. I do think the extra two that I have made will go to the kids’s teachers with a small gift card also.

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