Monday Milestones–12/13

Last week’s goals

1.  Work on other gifties – has to be done by Saturday. These were the tiny treats bags that I made for my bee; they were done in the nick of time.

2.  Work on Tuesday Bee gifties.  Has to be done before next Tuesday. Nope.  I have to bust these out today. 

3.  Sandwich and Quilt Pink and purple.  This was done at the Saturday bee.

This week’s Goals:

1.  Work on Tuesday Bee Gifties.

2.  Trim and bind pink and purple quilt.

3.  Make stockings for the family.

2 thoughts on “Monday Milestones–12/13

    • these may or may not get done; have lots of holiday cleaning to do that I just found out about on Friday – friends are staying with us right before Christmas before they move – and they will probably have to be on an air mattress in my sewing room. EGADS!!! That means all the pins have to be picked up from the floor in there!

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