2011 UFO Challenge

I have declared 2011 the year of the completed project.

Back in 2010, Nancy issued a challenge and I said I would do it.  Yea.  I managed to get ONE of the items on my list done through the year and it was done in November.

While I managed to get quite a few things done this past year, I would like to try to get my quilt tops needing to be quilted down to lower than 15.  So, like last year, I will limit my UFO challenges to just tops needing to be quilted.

So on to my list for Nancy:

1.  Autumn BQ
2. Bali Pops
3. Bento Box
4. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
5. Heartland Heritage
6. Merry Go Round
7. Neptune’s Quilt
8. Red, White, and Blue
9. Sparkling Gemstones
10. Sweet Treasures

Judy Laquidara also is doing a UFO challenge, but hers is for all twelve months.  I will have hers be where I will work on a UFO to get it to Top Stage.

1. Autumn Star Struck
2. Arrowhead
3.  Jelly Roll Quilt Along
4.  Designer Mystery 2009
5.  Hearth & Home
6. Japanese Jigsaw
7. Ohio Snow Star
8. Landscape Collage
9. Prairie Paisley
10. Sunshine Pineapples
11. Wonky Stars
12. Spring Sanctuary

4 thoughts on “2011 UFO Challenge

  1. I see you’ve got an Arrowhead quilt on your list of UFO’s. I just made my first one this year, and will be sending it out for quilting soon.

  2. Nice lists – I see you are doing the same thing I’m doing – either quilting a top or getting an UFO to that top stage. I figure that when Judy L. draws a number I’ll look at the two list and decide if it’s sewing or quilting!


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