Monday Milestones–12/27

This past week, there were no goals that I had set for myself other than getting the presents wrapped.  They did and with one day to spare.  I didn’t have to stay up Christmas Eve and wrap everything.  Bonus!

Christmas was a really good one.  Everyone enjoyed their gifts.  I shocked my husband with TWO jerseys from his two favorite Steelers players – and a couple of other things; a coffee mug and cell phone cover.  He had already gotten part of his Christmas gift; World of Warcraft Cataclysm collector’s edition.

The kids received lots of their favorites; barbies, pokemon cards, wii games, movies.  I gave K her quilt and she loved it.  One snafu- Mom and Dad got her a barbie she already had.  It was cute the way she said something about it: “this one again, Seriously?!?”.  We told her she could either keep it for a “twin” or in case her other one broke – or we would go exchange it.

I got some serious loot.  A nook!! and 3 Jim Shore Figurines, and two movies… Eclipse and Gone with the Wind on BlueRay.  I also got the backing fabric for the Hearth and Home BOM.

I made a pocket for my nook yesterday, but ended up giving it to my neighbor for her kindle.  I don’t regret it either, they are so nice and give K their oldest daughter’s outgrown clothes.  K has been growing like a weed and it is a very nice thing to not have to turn around and buy new clothes every week!  It was also very nice to get into the sewing room!

So without any further adieux, here is my list for this week:

This Week’s Goals:

1.  Make another pocket for my nook.  I think I will match it to my Holly Bag this time.  I still have a lot of that fabric left.  I might just make two; one for “normal” storage and one for traveling (one that has enough room for the cord).

2.  Work on the stockings.  Now that Christmas is over I can work on these without stress.

3.  Gather up all the parts to my Hearth & Home BOM and see where I am at.  Maybe work on a few blocks.

The kids are still out of school and we still have house guests (they are going to be here a while), so once again, I am not committing to anything major.