Monday Milestones–12/20

Last Week’s Goals:

1.  Work on Tuesday Bee Gifties.  I got these done on Monday.  Nothing like the last minute to get something done.

2.  Trim and bind pink and purple quilt.  I trimmed the quilt on Monday.  I had been wanting to use leftover backing for the back and then found out I didn’t have quite enough to make binding for it.  My second choice was to make binding out of leftover strips from the front.  Not an appealing prospect, I might say.  I was taking a break, went to the computer and The Fat Quarter Shop had the batiks that I used on for half off.  I was able to get two yards (way more than enough!!) for the price of one and then it got here on Thursday.  Saturday I got it done after doing some last minute shopping while the kids were still at the sitter’s.

3.  Make stockings for the family.  I decided to shelve this project for now.  I had too much to do, company is coming to stay with is for a while starting later today.  I got a big bad case of the “bah humbugs” on Wednesday when I started to work on them.  I didn’t want that looming over my head and remember about that every time I look at them, so I just decided to wait and make them for next Christmas. 

This week’s goals:

I have absolutely no sewing goals this week.  If I can get into the sewing room this week, fine.  If not, oh well.  I am not going to press myself with any sewing goals.

The only real goal I have is to get all the presents wrapped by the appointed date.

Block Roll-ups

The Second Tuesday Bee is held, of course, every second Tuesday of the month.  Each December, it is a tradition of this bee to have an exchange of gifts.  I received wonderful things like cookies, bags, home-made pot scrubbers, and other exciting things.

I gave each of the other 9 ladies a block roll-up.  Most of them like to do hand applique so a Mini design wall or block roll-up was in order.

Here they all are in a row


and here is one open:


The white part is, of course, flannel. 

I really hope they enjoy their gift and have a use for it.

2011 UFO Challenge

I have declared 2011 the year of the completed project.

Back in 2010, Nancy issued a challenge and I said I would do it.  Yea.  I managed to get ONE of the items on my list done through the year and it was done in November.

While I managed to get quite a few things done this past year, I would like to try to get my quilt tops needing to be quilted down to lower than 15.  So, like last year, I will limit my UFO challenges to just tops needing to be quilted.

So on to my list for Nancy:

1.  Autumn BQ
2. Bali Pops
3. Bento Box
4. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
5. Heartland Heritage
6. Merry Go Round
7. Neptune’s Quilt
8. Red, White, and Blue
9. Sparkling Gemstones
10. Sweet Treasures

Judy Laquidara also is doing a UFO challenge, but hers is for all twelve months.  I will have hers be where I will work on a UFO to get it to Top Stage.

1. Autumn Star Struck
2. Arrowhead
3.  Jelly Roll Quilt Along
4.  Designer Mystery 2009
5.  Hearth & Home
6. Japanese Jigsaw
7. Ohio Snow Star
8. Landscape Collage
9. Prairie Paisley
10. Sunshine Pineapples
11. Wonky Stars
12. Spring Sanctuary

Monday Milestones–12/13

Last week’s goals

1.  Work on other gifties – has to be done by Saturday. These were the tiny treats bags that I made for my bee; they were done in the nick of time.

2.  Work on Tuesday Bee gifties.  Has to be done before next Tuesday. Nope.  I have to bust these out today. 

3.  Sandwich and Quilt Pink and purple.  This was done at the Saturday bee.

This week’s Goals:

1.  Work on Tuesday Bee Gifties.

2.  Trim and bind pink and purple quilt.

3.  Make stockings for the family.

Tiny Holiday Treats

Monica of Happy Zombie designed the bags Tiny Treats in a Quilts in More magazine.

I made some for my retreat buddies Halloween weekend, but I also had to make some for the ladies that come to my bee for the “holiday” party.  I filled them with things like m&m’s, life savors, kit kats, twix, and a ferrero rocher.  Nothing horribly exciting, but just a small token of how much I appreciate each of the ladies who come and make the Sassy Bee a fun place and that I look forward to hosting every month because of them!


I made 19 bags.  17 people RSVP’d that they were coming to the December bee.  While it is an open (to the quilt guild) bee, I like to know how many to expect to come. 

Since I am writing this the day before, I am hoping that I have enough, and won’t have to disappoint anyone that didn’t RSVP to let me know they were coming so they could get one too.  When this posts, the bee will be coming to a close. 

For those of you who did not make it, we missed you, and will see you in the new year at the January bee.  I will post pictures (hopefully) Sunday about the bee.  We are doing a pot-luck dinner and a small gift exchange.

For those who were interested, these were my milestone to get completed of “Other gifts”