Monday Milestones–1/31/11



1.  Sandwich Bento Box.

2.  Sandwich Japanese Jigsaw.

nope to both.  The only thing I got accomplished was getting my sewing room re-arranged and (mostly) cleaned up.  I also shampooed the carpet as I was re-arranging.    It has taken me three days to get mostly done.  There are a few things I want to put away before I start sewing again.


I am not anticipating a week of being able to get anything done again.  Most of the reasons I can’t go into it on the blog, but trust me, I would rather be sewing!

Monday Milestones 1-24-11



1.  Finish the top for Japanese Jigsaw.  I guess I did this – since I decided I didn’t want to add any borders to this quilt because anything I added would look funny.  I did make the backing out of a matching jelly roll.

2.  Paris in the Fall Month Two Nope.

I did get the batting cut for my bento box and the backing fabric came in also.  I will try to get it sandwiched early this week, but we will see.

I have not spent very much time in the sewing room at all.  I really need to get in there and get off my tush.  Part of it is I have been playing a Wii game in my spare time.  Part of it is there is so much mess in there I don’t want to deal with it.


1.  Sandwich Bento Box.

2.  Sandwich Japanese Jigsaw.

Monday Milestones–1/17/11



1.  Cut batting for Bento Box.

2.  Cut blocks for Hearth & Home. 

Hahaha – yea neither one of these things got done.  And I am late for the milestones post because the holiday threw me off.  Hubby unexpectedly left on a trip mid-week and everything got turned upside down.

During the week, the only thing I got accomplished was cutting out Paris in the Fall’s month two block.  Since I didn’t have a machine to sew it, that was as far as it went.

I did, however, get a bunch accomplished at the bee on Saturday.  My machine came back Thursday afternoon (Thanks Ed at New Home!).  I got the top mostly done on my Japanese Jigsaw quilt and got the preliminary cuts on the Coconut Shaved Ice quilt done.


1.  Finish the top for Japanese Jigsaw

2.  Paris in the Fall Month Two

Monday Milestones–1/10/11



1.  Work on my Japanese Jigsaw quilt.  This probably won’t happen until Saturday’s bee, because I can’t drag out my design wall.   I forgot to go pick up the key for the room, so the Saturday bee never happened.

2.  Work on the stockings.  I should have time to work on them this week since the kids are back to school and the guys go back to work (one of my houseguests works with my husband) and one goes to school.  I got one stocking completed.  It looks so cute!

3.  Cut batting for my Bento Box quilt.  This must be the week for Tracy Brookshire works Winking smile This didn’t happen because I didn’t’ get my kitchen floor mopped – the only place I can cut batting out at.

4.  Paris in the Fall – Month Two I got the fabric pressed and cut for this.  I sent my machine in for service, so it didn’t get sewn.


1.  Cut batting for Bento Box.

2.  Cut blocks for Hearth & Home. 

Anything that I will need to do will have to be done without a sewing machine this week – at least until Friday when I can pick up my 6500.  My jem will go in when I pick up my 6500, it needs service as well.


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