Monday Milestones–1/17/11



1.  Cut batting for Bento Box.

2.  Cut blocks for Hearth & Home. 

Hahaha – yea neither one of these things got done.  And I am late for the milestones post because the holiday threw me off.  Hubby unexpectedly left on a trip mid-week and everything got turned upside down.

During the week, the only thing I got accomplished was cutting out Paris in the Fall’s month two block.  Since I didn’t have a machine to sew it, that was as far as it went.

I did, however, get a bunch accomplished at the bee on Saturday.  My machine came back Thursday afternoon (Thanks Ed at New Home!).  I got the top mostly done on my Japanese Jigsaw quilt and got the preliminary cuts on the Coconut Shaved Ice quilt done.


1.  Finish the top for Japanese Jigsaw

2.  Paris in the Fall Month Two