Monday Milestones–1/31/11



1.  Sandwich Bento Box.

2.  Sandwich Japanese Jigsaw.

nope to both.  The only thing I got accomplished was getting my sewing room re-arranged and (mostly) cleaned up.  I also shampooed the carpet as I was re-arranging.    It has taken me three days to get mostly done.  There are a few things I want to put away before I start sewing again.


I am not anticipating a week of being able to get anything done again.  Most of the reasons I can’t go into it on the blog, but trust me, I would rather be sewing!

2 thoughts on “Monday Milestones–1/31/11

    • crap, it didn’t put all my comment (my laptop mouse pad is being sensitive). Suppose to say—great list, but life does take other priorities sometimes. I have weeks like this as well.

      There’s always next week! Mine’s up too!

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