Monday Milestones–2/21/11



1.  Sandwich Bento Box (maybe I can get it done THIS week)- No, but I did try.  The batting was cut too wonky so I need to cut more when my batting comes in next week.

2.  Work on Sunshine Pineapples (since this is my #10 for Judy Lā€™s UFO Challenge, I should work on it more) ā€“ Yes ā€“ I got the leaves cut out and fused to the background along with the pineapples themselves.

3.  Work on a couple of blocks for Hearth and Home ā€“ nope.

I also worked on my Coconut Shaved Ice quilt.


1.  Work more on the Sunshine pineapples.

2.  Work on Coconut shaved Ice

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