Monday Milestones–2/28/11



1. Work more on the Sunshine pineapples. I was just going to iron the tear away stabilizer on the back to prep for applique. I then decided to see what one block would look like appliqued. Then it lead to getting them all done. I then set the blocks and put the border on it. So now the top is completed. Since it is my Judy L’s #10 UFO on my Challenge list, I can mark it is done… for now. I only wanted to get it to top stage to mark it off my UFO list.

2. Work on Coconut shaved Ice Nope. Didn’t even LOOK at these.

I also worked on my guild’s BOM blocks (I did four of them) and another block that I can’t show. A semi-productive week. Smile


1. Work on Coconut shaved Ice

2. Catch up on Paris in the Fall blocks. Hopefully I can find them all. Confused smile

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