Batik Pineapples

After a flurry of sewing activity on Sunday, I managed to get my #10 challenge for Judy L’s UFO challenge done – at least to flimsy stage.  Since that is all I stated I would do for Judy’s challenge (anything extra would just be bonus) I consider it completed!  WOO HOO!


It is not set how the pattern calls for, but I really like this version better!

About Kim

I am a mom of two that now resides in San Antonio area. I moved from Hawaii a year ago. I am a full-time student that works part time at the college I attend as a work-study. When I have time, I quilt, make jewelry, and now craft with my new silhouette cameo cutter.
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5 Responses to Batik Pineapples

  1. sarah says:

    what a clever way to do pineapples. love the batiks!

  2. Barb in MI says:

    Love your pineapple quilt version! It’s beautiful and colorful – congrats to a completed UFO!

  3. Toni says:

    I love it Kim!! Great job!!

  4. It turned out amazing…way to go! Love the colours!

  5. Alia says:

    Hi there! I just stumbled onto your blog by way of the little flower pin cushion on a golf tee! The page is no longer working but I clicked on ‘home’ and got this! I just LOVE your pineapples! They are so clever and love the batiks! I’m in a swap on Flickr and when we were discussing batiks; I was so very surprised at how many ladies do NOT like batiks! Hmmm…. anyway, nice to meet you and will be stalking your blog now!!

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