Fireworks on the Prairie

So when Judy L picked #9 for this month’s UFO to work on, I groaned.  Loudly.  I know I wanted to work on it, but I knew it was a busy month.  Each month (with the exception of April when I didn’t even work on my UFO) I kept saying she couldn’t pick one that was more difficult.  This one only had the sampler blocks completed.

It needed the applique, the blocks set, the Seminole-type pieced inner border, and of course the outer border.  For this list, I only wanted to get to flimsy stage.


Here it is being shown at guild on Monday.  I used “Charlotte’s Fusible Web” from Superior for the applique.  Boy do I love that stuff.  I might just want to do more applique soon… maybe…

17 thoughts on “Fireworks on the Prairie

  1. It’s absolutely gorgeous, Kim. You did a beautiful job. I’m headed to Superior’s website to read about Charlotte’s Web … sounds interesting.

  2. Ah, it’s fusible thread. Now that sounds like a winning product. Did you straight stitch the edges or use a buttonhold/applique stitch? Unless you hand appliqued? Did I ask too many questions?

    • I made a quick tutorial on how I did it. I had actually planned this while I was making the quilt, so it was just a matter of writing it – so check it out.

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  4. How gorgeous can one quilt be? This will be stunning once all put together. Congrats on a very complex finish. JudyCnNC

  5. Wow Wow Wow is all I can say! I love this quilt so much that I want to link to it from my blog to find it again — gorgeous!!

  6. After finishing this challenging (and beautiful) UFO, the rest of the year will be a breeze, right 😉

  7. This might be the coolest sampler quilt I’ve ever seen! I love the layout – totally not your standard sampler! Nice job finishing your top!

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