Jelly Roll Races

You have seen this quilt all over blogland.  I made one before, but a few friends from my monthly bee decided that we should do it and “race”.  Some called it the “Jelly Roll Stroll” – which was pretty good.

I finished first (though it took me the longest to prep before we all started)  The flying geese made a nice touch I think.CIMG0380

Next came Maureen:


Then Kristin finished:


Then Susan:


Then Holly:


Then Wendy’s:


and a group shot of everyone’s:


About Kim

I am a mom of two that now resides in San Antonio area. I moved from Hawaii a year ago. I am a full-time student that works part time at the college I attend as a work-study. When I have time, I quilt, make jewelry, and now craft with my new silhouette cameo cutter.
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6 Responses to Jelly Roll Races

  1. Toni says:

    Very very fun and cool!!

  2. Kristin L says:

    Your triangles were definitely worth the extra time! Thanks for the fun day. :-)

  3. Ruthie says:

    I love yours with the triangles. Did youjust have them precut and add in between the strips?

  4. Jeannie says:

    Kristin sent me over here and I am so glad I listened to her. You jelly roll stroll quilt is fantastic! I love the triangles breaking up the strips. Wonderful!

  5. Lynn W. says:

    I posted a link to your blog in one of my forums and hopefully you got a few hits. Now there’s a lot of discussion on how else to tweak the pattern. One lady used 2.5″ white squares between her strips. I can’t make a clickable link for some reason but here’s one you can copy if you’d like to see her variation.

  6. Lynn W. says:

    Ah ha — it is clickable.

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