Binding Storage

A few months ago I saw on a blog a neat way to store binding – in a squat mason jar.  I can’t remember the blog it was on (sorry) – but I went and bought a few mason jars and proceeded to put my binding in it. It was great for quilts that are not that large – but I tend to make larger quilts.

I came up with this idea…


Yep, those are empty 50ct CD/DVD Spindles. This works great for quilts that are larger than lap-sized.  It holds two bindings – they are covered by the lid, and you can see them through lids so that if you have many bindings – you can see where the one you want is. 

12 thoughts on “Binding Storage

  1. OMG, HOW PERFECT is that!! I have several HUGE cd spindles. I currently have them all in individual baggies marked with the quilt top they go to, but I soo like this idea better! Thanks for being so creative Kim!

    • The 100 ct ones hold 4 bindings each. That was the first one I used and then quickly realized that I needed way more. The cost on purchasing and shipping empty 100ct spindles was too prohibitive for me living in Hawaii.

    • Hehehe Paula. Yea, after I thought about it (and found out it wasn’t too expensive to ship them here) I decided just to buy them.

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