Newly Pierced Ears

My daughter is about to turn 8 in a week.  She wanted to get her ears re-pierced.  She had them done as a baby – but by not wearing earrings regularly, her holes grew in.  She had asked for them for about a year, but I felt she wasn’t really ready for them again, until now.  I told her that I would let her get her ears pierced again for one of her 8th birthday presents.

Again, sorry about the photos – from my phone – I forgot my camera again.

Here she is anxiously waiting for the lady to be able to start. She asked for braided pigtails so that the lady would have no problem with getting to her ears.  Very thoughtful of her.


Here is the cleaning – she is still smiles…


First ear – a little anxious – but still ok…


Second ear… yea… not happy.


She loves her earrings and is happy with them.  She takes care of them herself too.