miPad Case

I just finished a new project, one I have been working on for two days.  It was very easy, but very labor-intensive and detail oriented.


It is the miPad case from http://www.byannie.com/.  She even had a step-by-step video tutorial for it.  I only used it for a couple of steps, but it was very nice to be able to get clarification before doing the step since I am a visual person.

Behind the honu (turtles) is done with texture magic.  It has soft-and-stable inside, which I really loved working with until there was about 10 layers of things to sew through… but since it was close to the last step, and she advised to go slow and have a titanium needle in there, it was fine – I also used my walking foot.

The strap was an adjustable one.  I did have to watch the video a couple of times to figure it out, but once I did, I felt like an idiot.

Here are more photos of the bag:

The back side of the bag with a zipper (I have NEVER put in a zipper before).  It also shows the bottom of the bag.


The inside of the bag with the zipper.  The seams are enclosed with a neat step.


The top of the bag.  This zipper was a bit tricky, but with her video tutorial, I took it step-by-step and it was fine.


The inside of the bag.  It has a pocket.  I almost didn’t put it in there, but that would be a nice place to keep my cord and possibly the power outlet.


This is the photo with my iPad in there.  It is roomy, but I could get my nook in here too.


All-in-all I am very happy with this bag.  I probably could have been done with it in a day but I only worked on it when the kids were in school and I got a late start and they had a short day. 

I can’t wait to work on my other projects with this fabric that I am doing!

I’ve done my part…

to stimulate the economy and support the post office.

Since I haven’t been sewing, I have been buying… and boy have I been buying!

A king-sized batting for a specific quilt.  Though I have a roll of batting, it is queen sized.  So I had to order a king-sized batting.CIMG0453

A new sewline pencil with refill leads in other colors.CIMG0460

Block three for the Designer Mystery from Fat Quarter Shop


A book, the other two I ordered were not released yet.  There was a sale to buy two and get one for $1.99 – this was the book I got.


Some Lanyard parts


For a project:

Two bias tape makers:


Some interfacingCIMG0454

Some 1.5 yard cuts of batiks from Fat Quarter ShopCIMG0465

For these two projects:



Some 1-yard cuts from Thousands of Bolts:




Some threads from Superior – mostly bottom line, a couple of spools of king tut


And lastly, I got this cute package in the mail – when I turned it over there were these cute owl stikers:


Inside was this:


Thanks Holly!!


I guess the moral is, don’t leave my sewing stuff in the garage for a week… my pocketbook can’t take it… lol!

Tsunami Quilts

My guild, Hawaii Quilt Guild, is doing a collection for Tsunami victims from the March Earthquake in Japan.  It is called “Operation Friendship”.

“Project Friendship is a plan to aid the people displaced by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tōhoku, Japan. The project is aimed at providing a small token of emotional support in the form of quilted wall hangings. Several thousand people are living in evacuation centers near their communities or in temporary housing across Japan. They’ve lost family members, personal possessions and homes. The tangible evidence of good will, in the form of quilted wall hangings, will help brighten the daily lives of these people”

These small quilts are 12” square. I have gotten one quilt done so far and 2 more tops.  Here is the completed one:


I hope it will brighten someone’s day!

Enjoy the Silence

Yesterday was the first day of school for my kids.  K is in third grade and G in 7th – his first year in middle school (middle school here is only 7th and 8th grade).

It was a nice quiet day after two months of “I’m bored” and bickering between the two.  Either that or loud kids’ programming of stuff I didn’t want to watch.  We did do some things away from the house, but mostly they had lazy days of sleeping late and playing outside with friends.  We did most of our activities when hubby was home as a family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and would kill for them, but it was very nice to have a quiet day (or at least a few hours) to just sit in utter silence. 

Here they are for the “obligatory” first day of school photo.  I colored out G’s shirt because he has to wear a uniform shirt to school with the school’s name on it.


Here we are waiting for K’s class to open up so we can meet her teacher and drop her mountain of school supplies off


And here K is at her desk before I left her.  She was a bit nervous because we changed schools this year.  She knew no one there unlike her other school where she went to school with several kids since kindergarten.


When she got into the car she was so happy and said she loved her teacher and loved the school and had an awesome day.  G also said he loved middle school and it was a good school.  His school is right next to her school – the main reason we moved K to a new school.

It is awesome when the kids love the school they are in! 

But in the meantime I will Enjoy the silence and go sew for a little while!