Enjoy the Silence

Yesterday was the first day of school for my kids.  K is in third grade and G in 7th – his first year in middle school (middle school here is only 7th and 8th grade).

It was a nice quiet day after two months of “I’m bored” and bickering between the two.  Either that or loud kids’ programming of stuff I didn’t want to watch.  We did do some things away from the house, but mostly they had lazy days of sleeping late and playing outside with friends.  We did most of our activities when hubby was home as a family.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and would kill for them, but it was very nice to have a quiet day (or at least a few hours) to just sit in utter silence. 

Here they are for the “obligatory” first day of school photo.  I colored out G’s shirt because he has to wear a uniform shirt to school with the school’s name on it.


Here we are waiting for K’s class to open up so we can meet her teacher and drop her mountain of school supplies off


And here K is at her desk before I left her.  She was a bit nervous because we changed schools this year.  She knew no one there unlike her other school where she went to school with several kids since kindergarten.


When she got into the car she was so happy and said she loved her teacher and loved the school and had an awesome day.  G also said he loved middle school and it was a good school.  His school is right next to her school – the main reason we moved K to a new school.

It is awesome when the kids love the school they are in! 

But in the meantime I will Enjoy the silence and go sew for a little while!