Another Un-intended Hiatus

I am such a bad blogger.  I can’t seem to blog with regularity anymore.  The last you heard I had made my awesome miPad case.  I also made a coordinating cell phone/camera case (no photos yet).  Shortly after, my laptop was giving me fits, so I had to send it in.

During that time I completed 3 new tops.  They were already started (as in the blocks were done) and all I had to do was put them together.  I also quilted two quilts.  And bound them.  By hand.  Yep.  I got a lot done.  No photos of the quilts yet though.

Last Saturday, I cut batting for probably about 15 tops. With the intentions of getting as many sandwiched as I could with my gross (1,444) of pins.  I will probably order another two gross of pins soon – you can never have too many pins.

Then I threw my back out.  It still is not feeling its best.  It hurts if I move certain ways or too quickly.  I am just resting a lot.  I wish I had something to bind by hand because there are only so many reruns of NCIS or CSI you can watch in a day.

So instead of complaining about my back, I am going to post a teaser of the tops I got completed (plus one I never got a photo of).


Paris in the Fall:CIMG0487

Star Crazy:CIMG0488

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms:CIMG0489

So look for the posts in the next few days.  Yes, they will be there because they will be auto-posted.

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