Camera/Cell/Id Case

When I made my miPad Case, a few days later I made this Camera/Cell/Id Wallet.  The pattern is also from byAnnie.  Again, a very labor-intensive project, but well worth it.

I added an additional zippered pocket to each side of the case inside (I don’t like having my extra batteries and SD cards falling out) and with the tutorial on her site, it was an easy addition.

Because my miPad case has appliqued turtles on the case, I had tried to applique matching turtles on this case too.  Though no matter how I turned the turtle, it didn’t work well with the shape of the flap.  I tried to go smaller, but it was too small.   I mentioned it to my friend JoAnne when I was showing her mine (she was responsible for me wanting to make this after seeing hers and our friend Joan’s).  She mentioned to me that she had recently bought some great turtle buttons and gave me one.  Thanks JoAnne!

This combination case comes with an extra long strap you can wear across your body so that this is all you have to take when you are off exploring and doing touristy type things.

This side you can put your cell phone in and it will be easy to get to.


This side of the case, you can stick your ID in where you don’t have to grab for it and it is right where people can see it that need to.


Here is the inside shot.  It has some pockets for credit cards, etc.  I put in the additional zippered pockets above the credit card pockets.  It also sports a double zipper pull.  I bought the finishing kit from the site when I bought the pattern.


Soon I must purchase the Executive Carry-All pattern for my laptop.

2 thoughts on “Camera/Cell/Id Case

  1. Great job on that Cell Phone Case! I love the turtle button on the outside and the addition of zippered pockets inside is wonderful, too. Thanks for using my patterns! Keep up the good work! Annie

  2. I just have to add here that these photos don’t do the project justice. It is really much more beatiful and neat in real life!

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