New Books

C&T Publishing had an end of the summer sale on their website a few weeks ago and many of their books were marked from $2-$5 each. I ordered 6 books and with shipping it came to just under $30.  So I paid $5 a book for each of the books below:


books (1)

books (2)




The books below were from Crafter’s Choice.  I have been a member for a while and  sometimes the selection isn’t always wonderful for Quilting books (they do have quite a few, but not always in my tastes) they do have good deals.  I had a Buy one get one free offer and then the remaining in the order was half off publisher’s price. 

books (3)

books (4)



I also had pre-ordered the new Schnibbles book and it arrived this week too:



Lots of new books to add to my inventory and some new projects to drool over.