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In the attempt to make things a bit neater in my sewing area, I acquired a larger bookcase to put my stash in when my neighbor moved (thanks Rebekah!).

I forgot to take photos of before because this has been a work-in-progress for over a month now.

Here is my “stash” photo:


The shelf I had there before could only hold two rows of mini-bolts and then a partial shelf that held all the stuff that wouldn’t fit .  I kept my rulers and binding storage on top of the shelf.

This shelf now holds three full rows of mini-bolts. One shelf is a “permanent” shelf, thus the configuration, but it actually works well for me.  I have organized by shelf fabrics instead of going by color. 

The bottom shelf is “free for all fabric” – meaning I don’t have a particular project in mind for those fabrics. I can use these any way without any fear of repercussion that I used it and it is for another project.

The next shelf up is fabrics that go to a particular project – they are grouped by project so that they go to that project – plus, a sticky note is placed on the bolt to indicate the project. I don’t want any accidents to happen; that way I don’t have to go searching to replace it.

The next shelf up is my rulers in my nifty ruler rack that my (ex) neighbor made for me.  My 12.5” ruler didn’t really fit easily so that I could pull it out without it possibly breaking, so I tucked it in on the side with my rotating mat.

The second-from the top shelf holds my fabric that won’t fit on the mini-bolts because it is too short.It also holds my non-cotton fabric that I want to use to make something for my daughter sometime soon.  My binding containers are also there.

The top shelf is where my backing fabrics are stored.  These are fabrics that are designated backings for particular quilts.  I also have my neutrals and solids up there as well. 

On the top in the plastic bags  – the white is my PFD fabric; I don’t want to unwrap it just yet because I don’t really have the space to hold 15 yards of fabric in the shelf and I don’t want to confuse it with another white solid.  The teal/blue is a fat quarter bundle that I bought recently that I haven’t unpacked and put away.

This is the majority of my stash.  I do have two small drawers that hold a few fat quarters, jelly rolls, honey buns, and charm squares. 

4 thoughts on “My Stash

  1. Lovely organisation & I really like the mini bolts… haven’t seen anything like that over here in the UK but they look great.

    • I like those mini-bolts organizers! Your stash looks very efficient and READY TO USE!!! Come to my house…. Next week would be good….

  2. LOVE it! You are inspiration to me! I want to have a smaller stash and more organized – it’s such a process. You have a great handle on it! 🙂

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