Over a year ago, I bought some fabric at a local quilt store.  I fell in love with the print, so I bought some coordinating tone-on-tone fabrics. 

I have been wanting to start this project for a while, but I had to wait to find a perfect pattern for it, and not have so many new projects going at once (haha, I know).  When I found out I was able to go on the retreat, I wanted to start that project.

I cut all the fabric out and got the blocks completed at retreat.  As I was adding the last borders, Judy posted about a quilt she made for her husband Vince… The same quilt.  It was her design, Peaches & Dreams.

  CIMG0649Shown at guild the other night, this top is king sized. 

I will say, after working on the different brands of fabrics, I know why now I prefer to work with Moda fabrics the most.  It doesn’t slip as much when your working with the same brand of fabric – the weave seems to interlock better and prevent slippage.  Moda also doesn’t fray as much as some of these fabrics – at least I don’t notice it as much.  I don’t want to start a controversial thread about my fabric is better than your fabric, I just know what I prefer to work with.  It is just a shame that the four LQS’s don’t really carry Moda here, they would get a lot more of my business!

Wounded Warrior Tops

A little background story:  My guild has a charity group called “Na Lima Aloha” – translated as “The Hands of Love”.  Na Lima Aloha handles community quilts and the like.  Under the main group heading we have several sub-committees. Operation Kid Comfort – where we work with the Armed Forces YMCA to make quilts for children of deployed service members – regardless of branch of service.  I try to go monthly to help out – it doesn’t always work out, but I try to go.  Women’s Prison – where some of the guild members work with the local women’s prison and go and teach quilting to these ladies.  They have to have an exceptional record and it is a privilege to be able to do this.  During the course of the class, they make a small quilt that is then sent to a family member of choice; the prisoner does not get to keep it. Home of the Brave – where a quilt is made for each deceased service member’s family who was killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And finally, Wounded Warrior – where twin-sized quilts are made for the wounded at Kaneohe Marine Corps. base.  We also have several others that we contribute to as the need arises, currently tsunami quilts for Japan – twelve inch wall-hangings to give to those displaced in Japan by the tsunami so they have a little something in their new home.  We also are starting pillowcases for another local group.  I have made a few of the tsunami quilts and plan on making some pillowcases.

In September, there was a call out that the Wounded Warrior group needed 32 tops to be completed as soon as possible.  They didn’t need to be quilted or bound (there was funds for this) but they needed help to make a top in patriotic colors.  I figured I could do this… especially since tops are my specialty!  Only one problem, I don’t have any patriotic fabrics.

Enter Thousands of Bolts – I ended up ordering 14 yards of patriotic prints.  I get it home and need to decide on a pattern that is stunning, but is quick; since I really wanted to get it done before the next meeting.  I didn’t get them done until after the October meeting, so it would have to wait until the November meeting.

Here is the quCIMG0646

Though I didn’t have a pattern, I based it on “Split Decision” pattern.  If I were to do it over I would rotate every-other block to make less seams to match up.

But after I finished the quilt, I still had fabric left, so I made this quilt:

CIMG0645Based on a pattern from a guild member who taught it at the retreat class, it was a great use for the fabrics!

But I still had patriotic fabrics left over! So I finished with this top:

Three Wounded Warrior tops and I feel awesome!  I hope they will provide comfort for those who need it!

Camp Homelani Quilting Retreat

The weekend before thanksgiving, my quilt guild had a retreat at Camp Homelani. It was a fun weekend!  I went for three nights.

The first morning, I woke up to this sight:


It was nice falling asleep to the surf and waking up to it.  The bed, however was harder than a brick.  I slept two nights in the cabin by the ocean.  The third night, however, I slept on the couch in the ‘big house’ that doesn’t have a view of the ocean.

Here are some more views around camp:

Quilt retreat November 17-20th 001 (Small)

This was walking back to the big house from the cabin we were sewing in.

Quilt retreat November 17-20th 002 (Small)

And this is more of the walk.

We sewed, we laughed, we had a lot of fun!

Quilt retreat November 17-20th 011 (Small)

Maureen and Lainie made bears.

Quilt retreat November 17-20th 010 (Small)

Here is Susan and Bev

Quilt retreat November 17-20th 017 (Small)

Ellen with her “Holly Bag”

Quilt retreat November 17-20th 024 (Small)


Quilt retreat November 17-20th 026 (Small)


quilt retreat 062

Mary Ann B.

quilt retreat 067

Mary Ann J.

There are many more photos taken by everyone.  It was a great time!  I can’t wait to go again!

Happy Thanksgiving


Today I am cooking my first complete meal since I was pregnant with my daughter in 2002. 

On the menu: Turkey, Stuffing (stove top because I just don’t know how to make it), Green bean casserole, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, and homemade yeast rolls.  I also will have pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate pies.  It is just the four of us, so I am sure we will have leftovers for a while!  I also had a ham to cook, but I decided that we would make it another time.

On the quilting front, though I had a small hiatus, I have since finished several wounded warrior tops.  I also got another top done, the 2009 designer mystery from Fat Quarter Shop.  Photos will be forthcoming after the guild meeting on Monday.

Retreat last weekend was very fun and a much needed break from the family.  While I love my family – my batteries needed to be recharged with just fun stuff and friendship.

I am so thankful for a wonderful family, a husband who understands my obsession with quilting.  I am also thankful for my friends who are there for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!