Over a year ago, I bought some fabric at a local quilt store.  I fell in love with the print, so I bought some coordinating tone-on-tone fabrics. 

I have been wanting to start this project for a while, but I had to wait to find a perfect pattern for it, and not have so many new projects going at once (haha, I know).  When I found out I was able to go on the retreat, I wanted to start that project.

I cut all the fabric out and got the blocks completed at retreat.  As I was adding the last borders, Judy posted about a quilt she made for her husband Vince… The same quilt.  It was her design, Peaches & Dreams.

  CIMG0649Shown at guild the other night, this top is king sized. 

I will say, after working on the different brands of fabrics, I know why now I prefer to work with Moda fabrics the most.  It doesn’t slip as much when your working with the same brand of fabric – the weave seems to interlock better and prevent slippage.  Moda also doesn’t fray as much as some of these fabrics – at least I don’t notice it as much.  I don’t want to start a controversial thread about my fabric is better than your fabric, I just know what I prefer to work with.  It is just a shame that the four LQS’s don’t really carry Moda here, they would get a lot more of my business!

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